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Welcome to Bradhams Fantastic Flowers – the home of bespoke floral styling for the home and business.


I specialise in floral styling for private residences, as well as hotels, restaurants, private clinics, the retail and leisure sectors. Whilst I adore exciting colour mixes, and have a signature style that uses a bold and daring colour palette, I will work with you to create bespoke floral displays to enhance your customer experience, to fit your brand, to fit your surroundings, and so to deliver customer delight.

Coming from a commercial background there are so many things that are important to me, that I want to also help you to deliver with the beauty and style of flowers.

For the business that would be helping you to achieve:

  • Customer delight
    – making guests feeling appreciated, respected, loved and welcomed
  • Exceeding customer expectation
    – that’s both your customers and mine!
  • A Wow Factor
    to attract and retain clients, whilst being realistic to budgetary constraints

I am also a qualified Interior Designer with a passion for both design and architecture. When I think of flowers and floral styling, for me that needs to enhance the beauty of what is already there – the architectural elements, and the colours and textures of the space, the fabrics and furnishings.

My floral styling aims to join both together – creating spaces that through flowers display an attention to detail and harmonising colours and textures which engages and delights the viewer.

Paying attention also to budgets, whilst it’s easy to amaze customers, guests or friends with masses of hundreds of beautiful flowers, what can be achieved with just a few perfect stems? Creating the wow factor but with a fraction of the usual costs?

This is where creativity and imagination come into play. Through use of exactly the right container in exactly the right space with just a few skilfully chosen blooms, we can still create the delight but within a tighter budget.

For the home, if you are having a gathering of family and friends for a special event, or for a private dinner party, let me style your hallway, bathroom, coffee and dining tables, and guest bedrooms to add a touch of elegance, even decadence to make your guests feel that bit more special, and show them you care.

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I do look forward to coming to visit your venue or home to discuss what floral styling could do for you and your guests!

Always with no obligation at all.