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Product Launches

Do you have a new product to launch to the world? You could be presenting the latest innovation to both current and prospective clients, as well as the media – whether local or global. How will you showcase your new product? On a stage? In the centre of a showroom? How can flowers add to the aesthetics of the display?  How can flowers work with show lighting to show the product off to best effect?

Think also Champagne reception, formal dinner, “thank you” presentations? How many flowers will you need?

Consider what your clients, guests and media representatives are taking away from the launch – and make sure the experience that they had (and photos they took) is second-to-none!

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Awards Dinners

Considering Awards Dinners will combine many of the various elements under consideration in both Client Presentations and Product Launches – but probably on steroids!

Think big impact, high energy, lots of noise, excitement, bright lights, black-tie dress code, lots to talk about, lots of applause and late nights.

Flowers are a MUST! Entrances, mingling areas, the bar, occasional tables, dining tables, awards presentation stage, thank-you bouquets, awards bouquets, the list could be endless.

Big budgets yes, but think of the impact.

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Considering the conference experience probably combines many of the various elements to consider in both Board Meetings, Client Presentations and Product Launches, as well as guest accommodations provided by the conference centre or local hotels.

Take a look at all the suggestions and maybe come up with some more! We’ll be happy to discuss your conference setting and set-up in more detail in a free consultation – book here

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