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Considerations of flowers in the retail setting involve several aspects – customer attraction (to get people in off the street), customer spend (keeping them in the store for longer) and customer retention (keep them coming back)!
For customer attraction consider the window display and merchandising. How can flowers enhance products for sale to the point where the customer will be sufficiently inspired to step through the door?

How can the window be dressed on the outside to make a statement, in contrast to neighbouring shops, and therefore be perceived as the most exciting and interesting shop to enter? How can we use flowers not only to excite the customer, but also to give them the feeling that the products inside will be similarly exciting, provide added value, and of a quality that exceeds their expectation?

Enhance your customer experience, and they'll shop for longer!

For customer spend we need to keep them in the store for longer! Where could you position a floral display to attract attention within the shop? Or to direct a route around the shop? Could you use a floral display to lead a customer to a specific space where your most important or higher-ticket items are displayed? How would this impact on final customer spend and so have a direct impact on your bottom line?

By changing the florals regularly, and displaying exciting, yet “on brand” designs, how could these be used to keep your customers returning for more?

Think colours too – these could be bright and bold colours with proven psychological associations to increase spend. Or they could be used to uplift or directly contrast with the colours of the products being sold – for example in a clothes shop. Or your shop could be in itself architecturally interesting, or maybe it isn’t at all! Either way, how could colours be used to draw the customer’s eye – to enhance the space, or enhance the product?

So much to consider – book a free consultation and we can take a good look at the options.