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Let floral styling play too with the light – creating joyful moods by day, tropical moods in the sunlight, or decadent and sensual moods for a candlelit dinner.

I’d love to come and have a look at your house to see what might be possible!

Think impact for your guests when they arrive at your front door – what floral designs would make your hallway perfect? A large pedestal design perhaps? Something for a hall table? A grand staircase?

A formal dinner perhaps with a full dining table by candlelight? What flowers would set that off to perfection? Think decadent floral designs with luscious containers to match the setting.


Or are you having a garden lunchtime barbeque, where guests will be hovering around the kitchen and at garden benches? Think country garden loose and unstructured flowers, tree stumps, jam jars, maybe a bit bohemian? All sorts of options!

Where will your guests relax before and after dinner? Unobtrusive bowls of roses on a coffee table perhaps? Or a fireplace display with a riot of colour?

Finally is anyone staying over? What extra floral detailing would spruce up the guest bedroom and bathroom to give a special end to their day?

Let’s look at some ideas – why not book a free consultation!

Feel happy, feel festive, feel excited, feel relaxed

Feel loved