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The Styling Process for corporate, retail, hospitality and leisure clients

  • We’ll meet online, by phone, or on-site to understand your brand, your customer, your vision, and the guest experience that your brand needs to deliver.
  • We’ll meet on-site to look at your customer spaces – the architectural elements, interior design, your furnishings and colour scheme.
  • Let’s then discuss your vision in more detail, and how you would like your guests to feel in their new surroundings enhanced by flowers.
    We can then look at flower varieties and colours, seasonal availability and variations, and provision of vases and containers.
  • Finally you will just need to decide whether you would like your flowers to be changed weekly or more often, and the option of regular on-site maintenance to keep your spaces permanently beautiful.

The Styling Process for Private Residences

  • Similar to the process for the corporate and hospitality sectors, we will arrange a time to meet at your property to discuss your needs, and all of the detail of the specific event for which you need the floral styling.
  • We will then take a complete walk through of your home, itemising the key focal points of the various rooms where your guests will mingle, taking note also of your own interior design colour palette, textures and architectural features.
  • Discussing your vision in more detail, we’ll look at the impact you want to deliver to your guests – does the occasion merit talking point wow installations, or rather is it to convey a feeling of relaxation and calm.
  • We’ll then look at flower varieties, colours and seasonal variations, and provision of vases and containers.
  • The logistics of set up and removal can also be covered off at this point so that we can create and visualise a clear plan moving forwards.

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